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  • Collective Lens: Photography for Social Change is an online photography website and publication that uses photography to connect individuals to the social concerns of today's world. Collective Lens publishes photo essays and photographs that provide a journalistic and documentary viewpoint on humanitarian and social issues. This photography website presents photojournalism and documentary photography news stories that rely almost solely on the photo to convey their point. The focus of these photo essays is not only to educate, but also to inform the public on social change, issues, and how they might personally become involved, be it with time, money, or through simple daily choices. Collective Lens publishes the photos of amateur photographers, nonprofits, and NGOs in an effort to cover stories that cross a variety of cultures, demographics, and political viewpoints. This photography website provides an outlet for amateur photographers to present their work to the public through a comprehensive and reliable news source. Nonprofits and NGOs may connect to other nonprofits and NGOs through a social networking portal on Collecitve Lens.
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