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  • Looking for apartments, cheap rents? Cazoodle has a solution! Cazoodle apartment search is a one-stop for up-to-date apartment listings (including photos, features, and detailed information) in champaign urbana (UIUC), and savoy. We update our database daily from different landlords! Currently we provide data from CPM (campus property management), JSM, bankier, smith, gabesplace, ramshaw, and also craigslist!
  • Champaign Urbana Apartment Apartments city name bedroom pet friendly homes online listings help local photos pictures private property wide move free information university of illinois floorplan search exclusive guide rental finder owner landlord tenants $ UIUC Chambana Houses Rent Beds Bedrooms Bathrooms CPM JSM Barr Smithapartments smith cheap exclusive craigslist furnished unfurnished efficiency studio illini union gabesplace ramshaw CPM JSM Bankier Barr cazoodle