requests.poll(string, string) => dict
Try to find a matching screenshot request for a given factory.

* factory_name string (lowercase, normally from hostname)
* encrypted_password string (lowercase hexadecimal, length 32)

See nonces.verify for how to encrypt your password.

Return value
* options dict (screenshot request configuration)

If successful, the options dict will have the following keys:

* request int (for redirect and screenshots.upload)
* browser string (browser name)
* version string (browser version)
* major int (major browser version number)
* minor int (minor browser version number)
* command string (browser command to run, empty for default)
* width int (screen width in pixels)
* height int (screen height in pixels)
* bpp int (color depth in bits per pixel)
* javascript string (javascript version)
* java string (java version)
* flash string (flash version)

The matching screenshot request is locked for five minutes. This
is to make sure that no requests are processed by two factories at
the same time. If your factory takes longer to process a request,
it is possible that somebody else will lock it. In this case, your
upload will fail.

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